Who writes this blog?



My name is Marc Figuerola Delgado and I am a journalist from Sabadell, Barcelona, Catalonia.

I have a Master’s degree in International Studies by the University of Queensland, Australia, and nowadays I am working as a free-lance for several media in Catalonia, like 24Segons.cat and Wikidiari.info, and for the Israel newspaper Haaretz as a correspondent. In the past, I have been working for several companies and other media, whether as an intern or as a free-lance. You’ll find more information about me if you click on my name.

I am also editing my own personal blog, Un Altre Bloc Més, in Catalan.

Eventhough, castells are my passion and thanks to an English course (I will tell you about that later) now I have the opportunity to show the English-speaker world a deeper vision of this tradition.



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The first blog about Castells in English.

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