Videos from the top of a Castell

The 2014 season just started, and there are already two colles who begin to try POV cameras from the enxanetes: Castellers de Vilafranca and Minyons de Terrassa, and the videos are astoundingly beautiful and absolutely not suitable for those with vertigo nor overprotective parents. 

Castellers de Vilafranca are one of the best colles – or the best colla, better said – in Catalonia. They were invited to perform at the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, and they brought fine castells. I guess that they decided to try their new toy: one of these little cameras for sports POV,they attached it to their enxanetes’ helmets and got these videos:

About the first video, is a display of their verd power*, as they are performing a 3d8 and a 4d8 (three people per story, eight stories and four people per story, eight stories) simultaneously, something that very few colles – the best ones – can do.

The second video is a 7d8 – seven people per story, eight stories. And I find it really spectacular, as the enxaneta has to crown the castell twice, as the structure of the 7 is a complex structure formed by a 4 and a 3… I’ll talk about that one day.

Moving on, last saturday Minyons de Terrassa held a diada on their own, and one of the highlights was one of the longest-running walking pillar ever made. About 500 meters – when usually pillars are no more walked than 20 m – of walking castell. And they even crossed a bridge! Here the video:


* Castellers de Vilafranca’s nickname is “verds” – greens in English – because the colour of their shirt. They are also called despectively “Lagartos” or “lagartijas” – lizards – or even I heard “iguanas”, I guess because the green. 

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