Happy Sant Jordi!

Today is Sant Jordi. It has nothing (or at least not much) to do with castells.

Nevertheless, Sant Jordi is a special day in Catalonia, because we celebrate a lot of things:

We celebrate our Saint patron.

We celebrate Catalonia.

We celebrate books and roses.

We celebrate love.

We celebrate springtime.

We celebrate that schoolboys and schoolgirls stroll up and down the streets.

We celebrate that somebody brought roses to the women at our workplace, and that the company (usually the good ones) gives books to the employees.

We celebrate culture.

We celebrate flirting.

We celebrate the streets, the villages and the main squares.

We celebrate that all the official buildings in Catalonia are open to people.

We celebrate that today media gets out from their studios and comes closer to the citizens, occupying the streets.

We celebrate discounts from some shops, too.

We celebrate because we like to celebrate.

We celebrate because it’s Sant Jordi and it’s the best day you can spent in Catalonia.

Visca Sant Jordi!

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